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Originally Posted by David Armstrong View Post
Any time you are involved in deciding to use lethal force there better be a number of WHAT IFS running through your head. If you are not thinking about the WHAT IFS you don't understand how the game is played. My 2 cents.
I fully understand how my game is played, I don't go by Obama or anyone else's laws when it comes down to protecting myself or family... He's a dead man and i wont loose a mins sleep about it. And he better hope someone else was around ,,, are he will lay there till someone comes along. I have been in front of a judge for being shot at while I was a teenager by a drug head that we were trying to stop and have a FIST fight with ,,,the legal system is a joke because of the people we have running our country.
I have close friends n NM and TX that are scared to go out and check on there cows and ranches because of the drug runners coming across the border,if it wasn't for our gov. Having so many people scared to protect there selves and there belongings alot of that would have come to a stop and we would have some FAT coyotes to hunt down there.i also fill that people who abuse kids sexually and rape women,, should never see inside of a jailcell and let us feed them for years till some lawyer try to prove they crazy.

But like I said that's my 2 cents and way of living, but i have been told I was born a 100 yrs to late also.
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