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Originally Posted by poodleshooter1 View Post
Good post except for the part about convincing the cops why you felt you had to shoot. That conversation is to be had with an ATTORNEY.
Why? In Kentucky, for example, if you explain to the police why you shot and it appears to be self-defense, they are legally prohibited from arresting you or starting any prosecution. If you save that for an attorney, they HAVE TO arrest you, indict you, etc., and if you hold out long enough, you can go to prison. It is seriously foolish to give someone the advice to not talk to the police in a self-defense shooting, since the sole difference between going home and a murder charge can be your own statement as to your subjective reasonm from shooting. If you don't think an arrest can snowball all the way to a conviction, once you are a murder defendant in the county jail, you don't know much about the legal system.
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