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Originally Posted by Bluestreakfl View Post
I've just read through this entire thread, and it's got my brain spinning. IMO, several very good points have been made. You shouldnt pull your weapon unless you intend to use it. If someone is approaching me with a knife, it is my belief beyond a doubt that his intent is to cause me great harm in some way shape or form. In that situation, I would have immediately pulled and fired if I felt I could not avoid the confrontation. The aggressor has showed intent to cause me great bodily harm with a weapon, and I would be within the law to use deadly force. In a situation where the victim brandishes the weapon and the perpetrator drops their weapon, there are several ways that could play out. First, you don't know if they have another weapon. If you tell them to stand down, and they stop approaching you, it's reasonable to say they aren't necessarily a threat. If however they continue to approach you after they've dropped their weapon, I believe you can reasonably assume they are still intent on causing you harm, either with a second weapon (hidden) or your own by attempting to disarm you, at which point I feel it's safe to say you still have a right to shoot, however it will be much harder to convince the jury of that. Each state is different in it's laws regarding the use of deadly force and self defense. I reside in Florida, and in my state you have no duty to retreat and are allowed to meet force with force, including deadly force IF necessary. There are variables upon variables in every situation. I've spent hours researching my state laws, as well as actual events that occurred where deadly force was used and what the circumstances were, as well as the outcome from a legal standpoint. A friend of mine also made a very good point to me when I was somewhat new to firearms and such in general. She told me that god forbid I did ever have to use my gun to defend myself, not to just fire once. The more shots youve fired the more it shows how terrified and in fear for your life you were. If you fire several shots, it shows you were truly in fear for your life and were ensuring that the threat was truly gone. Fire only one shot, it may come across as you were not really that scared. Obviously again there are variables, like wether or not there are innocent bystanders nearby and such, but I felt she made a very good point none the less. Your responsible for where each bullet ends up. The more in the perpetrator, the better in my opinion. Im not any kind of expert, but I've invested a good amount of time researching this, because time is free but life is priceless. Know your state laws, and know at best what to do when any situation presents itself. Play it out in your head, with as many variables as you can. Sure, you never know 100% what will happen if the time ever comes, but preparation and awareness will play a major role in the outcome as a whole. Just my .02

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Except for the lack of paragraphs, this is an excellent distillation of the relevant facts.
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