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Originally Posted by UtahIrishman View Post
Some thoughts

This thread has given me more food for thought than any has in quite some time. I find myself being more aware of my surroundings but not in an obtrusive way. It's an interesting exercise in 'balance' between staying alert not looking like a victim and blending in.

I'm becoming more successful at blending in. For example yesterday at the grocery store 'Johnny Rambo' dressed in camo pants and gun T-shirt stood with his back to the far wall 'waiting' for his wife. While he 'ahem' took point without realizing it, the rest of us kind gentle souls did our shopping in peace and quiet with no notice from Johnny.

So that brings up, maybe, another way of 'blending' in, misdirection. Here is a guy who shouts 'gun' drawing the attention of those who aren't totally blind.

Do you think the Johnny Rambo's of this world help the gray guy blend in better by bringing attention to themselves? Or is it making people think more about concealed carry in general and thus maybe more alert to others?
That was good, UtahIrishman. I believe people generally divert little attention to what is going on around them unless it is something as obvious as what you described. In that case, people may not be able to resist focusing on that person. That is likely to be good for everyone else. Conversely, someone that stands there on guard as this gentleman seems to have done might be someone Iíll scan a few more times that I would scan someone else to see if he is focusing on anyone in particular. I work at not being so obvious and may inadvertently miss something that he may not.

It happens when you go somewhere where there are police officers or guards, once you have identified them, if they are focusing on something, among the first instincts is to identify what caught their attention. Depending on what it is, it may map a direction you donít walk toward while paying a little more attention at what they could have missed and/or the path with least traffic to the closest exit. They may have to stay to handle whatever problem arises, I certainly donít.

It is ok (in my book) to let others do some of the work for me Johnny Rambo, security guards, officers, etc. Someone that is overtly focusing on someone else will get a little attention from me too, just not to the point where I lose sight of all else around me, quite the contrary.


"In making tactical dispositions, the highest pitch you can attain is to conceal them." - Sun Tzu

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