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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
That is a good point. However, I sometimes like to think that most of those offering advice/suggestions/feedback/thought process are doing so under the knowledge that 12 "peers" will be the judge so that is already taken into account
I agree, I have no doubt they are factoring in the 12 peers that will be the arbiters of "reasonableness" when giving their advice, but I also think that groupthink tends to set in and groups such as this start believing they are a lot more mainstream than they really are.

Every group tends to think their positions are eminently reasonable, since it seems so reasonable to them. From birthers to Obamatrons, they all think they're reasonable.

I come at this thinking you can justify it, and thought I laid out a pretty good case for it. I'm throwing this out there even though it really contradicts that, essentially tends to prove me wrong...


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