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Originally Posted by poodleshooter1 View Post
Good post except for the part about convincing the cops why you felt you had to shoot. That conversation is to be had with an ATTORNEY.
It is best to give the cops the dynamics of the situation. That is, 'Sir, I am the one attacked, and these are the ones that attacked me." Then point out any evidence, such as weapons, cuts, bruises, witnesses, etc..., BEFORE they get lost or just walk away. Then tell the cops you will give them 100 percent cooperation but... you need to speak to an attorney first and give yourself time to collect your thoughts.

To not do that and clam up is to spend several days in jail before you even get a chance to talk to a lawyer, and to maybe see some of that evidence walk off.

While yes it's prosecutors (and a grand jury) that do the indictment and prosecution, it's the cop that throws you in jail to begin with, AND COLLECT THE EVIDENCE.

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