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I think a combo of the two would be perfect.

It's not that you're in an area good for either, that BOTH should be used.

Sun, get all you can, every day

But sometimes you might have a week of little sun. maybe three straight cloudy days.

But when that happens, weather is likely not good generally, so if it gets windy from storms, you make up for the lack of sun.

Having a windmill gives you at least the OPPORTUNITY to make some juice when the sun is down. Wind can happen at any time. So you might have a steady breeze over night without waiting to see if its sunny next day.

USe a combiner that can handle the two sources.

$700 bucks will buy a good 400watt windmill. That and a couple, maybe 3 150w solar panels and at least 300ah of batteries and you could make a nice little system.

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