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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
So yes, I'm really an attorney and you're really not.
How does this work in the real world? Louisville Metro Police officer McKenzie Mattingly shot and killed a criminal who tried to rob him during an undercover operation. The shooting looked questionable, even though the guy was armed, and Mattingly decided not to make a statement until he spoke to his lawyer. Mattingly lost his job, home, retirement, and everything he had before finally being found not guilty, based on self-defense, at trial. Unfortunately, some police tend to believe that crap advice they get about not making a statement until they talk to a lawyer too.

He did not get his job or money back when he was found "not guilty."
So, according to you, because Mattingly didn't speak to investigators prior to seeking legal counsel he screwed himself? Had he spoken it investigators, none of this would have happened? Pleeease...

The prevailing attitudes towards us is rarely positive, and we are protected against self-incrimination as anyone else. You do not represent police officers, that is clear. You can have your opinions, but I seriously doubt any police officer would take what you just said as responsible.Your legal advice and a buck won't even buy me a donut.
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