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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
So, according to you, because Mattingly didn't speak to investigators prior to seeking legal counsel he screwed himself? Had he spoken it investigators, none of this would have happened? Pleeease...

The prevailing attitudes towards us is rarely positive, and we are protected against self-incrimination as anyone else. You do not represent police officers, that is clear. You can have your opinions, but I seriously doubt any police officer would take what you just said as responsible.Your legal advice and a buck won't even buy me a donut.
It's a case I've followed since it happened. I've even designed and taught a law enforcement in-service class based on this and other Louisville PD shooting cases. Yes, the point where his case took a wrong turn is, very likely, the point where he declined to make a statement, since intentionally killing someone, without a statement of justification, is the defnition of murder under Kentucky law - that's what they indicted him for (and tried him for). It starts with that little decision and snowballs from there. At every step it takes more to turn it around.

And yes, I do represent the police - I represent them in the lawsuits that come from shooting people and, besides being a lawyer, I'm specifically the "use of force" guy for a very large group of law enforcement/corrections officers. To date, I have won 100% of those suits.

Just because you guys saw "never talk to the police" on somebody's web site, doesn't make it good advice that you have to defend to the death. However, as to you and poodleshooter1 - don't talk to the polcie. Doesn't make any difference to me. In fact, I'd probably enjoy a thread more about you shooting somebody and being charged, than just about you shooting somebody.
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