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Wind isn't practical for a lot of locations.

The little not so well known fact when you look at wind generators (especially some of the cheap ones) is that while they might state "400 watts", that's 400 watts at a CONSTANT wind speed of 25 or so MPH.

Sometimes under a certain wind speed (around 10mph for some of the ones I've looked at) they produce NOTHING.

Yep, those cute little rotors might be turning, yet producing NOTHING.

Some areas I've been, trained at, worked in, would do great with wind power. I'm thinking of an area of TX where we had to make 300 yard shoots in 25 gusts to 30 wind, that was fun. Years later when I trained there again the wind was THE SAME. I'm guessing it was fairly constant there.

Wind power wouldn't work in our area for the major power source. Solar does and has for us for 12 years now. Last year we completed upgrading our system to 3,100 watts of PV and switching out a couple of C40's for Outback MPPT's. We have never even gotten CLOSE to being low on power and the generator hasn't been used for charging batts in a long long time.

Don't believe the hype that you need to have a million dollar system to start. We lived with 1,820 watts for years. It can be done. A friend of mine that's been off grid since the early 90's lives off of around 700 watts of PV in a strawbale house up north.

Put your water heater and stove on LP and do what you can to reduce your loads. Start with looking at that versus looking at a worksheet with fifty million watts and thinking things are hopeless.

They aren't, you just have to make a few sacrifices. The problem is the last word in that sentence....
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