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My new-to-me Gen 1 G17

I picked one up for a tick over $300 and I believe it is a decommissioned DC cop side arm. Serial number is DCxxxUS which is not AA000US but it's pretty old and surely a Gen 1, right?

Are there anything I should check out and maybe replace if I want to breath a little life into it? Anything I should check, change, replace? Fires fine now but I can't hit the side of a barn whereas I can shoot the hell out of my G23 Gen 3.

Is it me or is the Gen 1 a little loosey goosey, to use the technical term. Or maybe I just have not put enough time and ammo through her at the range and she's perfectly accurate as-is.

All the internals are black so maybe it is all original. The only thing I have done so far is replace the 8# NY trigger with a 5.5#, though I want to move to a 3.5# on both this Gen 1 and the G23.

Anyway, sorry to prattle on, but I was happy to find this gem at the gun show.
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