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Gunnut, I don't think that you understand the lefties. First of all, they don't care one bit about crime, lies to the contrary notwithstanding. They want the proletarian peasants (us) disarmed, since that is a prerequisite to gaining the amount of control over our lives that they want to have and think that they deserve. The reason that they won't quit is because they only have to win once to beat us, but we have to win every time or our gun rights are toast. That is their game, and, if we don't understand that, then we will eventually lose, sooner or later. And, don't think that Heller and McDonald solve the problem. Those decisions can be reversed by some later decision of the Supreme Court. The SC has reversed itself before.
Governments are about the acquisition, extention, and exercise of power by an elite, who will then use that power to rule a peasantry for fun and profit.

Sauron lives, and his orc minions are on the march.
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