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When will I pull the kids from school. - Probably when other schools nearby start shutting down. With the last Swine flu breakout, there was some schools shutdown in my area, and my kids school was closed for a long weekend, well before it really looked like a threat, which it wasn't. I may beat them too the punch, but knowing nervous school districts that close school with 4" of snow on the ground and a bunch of hyper nervous parents, they will probably give the kids the boot before I start to ponder the decision.

Full pandemic, off the streets, and staying indoors again I think it will be a no brainer. The plug will be pulled on outside contact, when it gets ugly. I'm thinking when news pundits, politicians and health authorities suggest staying inside, it will just be starting to get ugly anyway

I'm not a germ freak, but I usully take basic precautions during cold and flu season. Washing hands regularly, avoiding hand to face touching, hand santizing gel in the pocket, personal space gets extended a bit. Even with just word of a possible pandemic flu in the news (see my last post) these habits get an uptick if the news gets worse.
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