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Originally Posted by wjv View Post
Global Pandemic hits. Airborne with a moderately high fatality rate. (say 20%-25%)

It really depends on how easy it is to catch, 1st exposure to 1st symptom time period, is it during normal flu season, can symptoms be mistaken for common cold or flu & by what vector of transmission..

..25% mortality with a 0.00001% infection rate of those potentially exposed due to direct physical contact of infected mucus/etc with short period incubation with very distinct onset symptoms (total body purple rash for example) outside of flu season.. a totally different threat than..

..25% mortality with a 98% infection rate of those exposed by an airborne vector with a 5 to 7 day incubation period with symptoms identical to the flu & during flu season.

The former would be stepped up flu season precautions with basically a normal life otherwise..

.. & the latter would be an immediate isolation of family as soon as initial outbreak was identified in or near any major population center anywhere in the world....possibly sooner.


That being said...

A little bit of related fiction....coming to a theater screen near you September 9th...

..& a little bit of related fact......that has been on my radar screen for years!
"Got Preps"??

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