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Originally Posted by dnuggett View Post
So Russ- given that we agree that most are clueless on what to say, when to say it, and when to shut up, do you feel that most should attempt to establish their good guy line?

Or might it be better to suggest that the average CCW holder take several classes from well respected instructors who have related curriculum and formulate their own plan based on the knowledge that they gain from talking/listening to those that know, and what they know about their own ability to think rationally in high stress situations?
Personally, I'd expect that someone who can be trusted or trained to use deadly force can be trusted or trained to articulate why he used deadly force.

I admit that there are many people that I wouldn't want anywhere near me with a gun, but that's a separate discussion.
"To spit on your hands and lower the pike; to stand fast over the body of Leonidas the King; to be rear guard at Kunu-Ri; to stand and be still to the Birkenhead Drill; these are not rational acts. They are often merely necessary." Pournelle
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