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I fired a friend's .40 s&w Sigma today, 26 rounds, and I have to say compared to my Glock 22 its a very nice pistol. It actually feels more comfortable in the hand compared to Glock and the slide release is fairly large which is always nice, IMO. The trigger wasn't gritty at all but it has a very long pull that requires a little more muscle to squeeze. Going back and firing my Glock 22 after getting used to the Sigma's trigger was a little startling as I was shooting a bit prematurely till I got into the Glock groove of things.

I'm not sure on how robust and reliable the Sigma is in the long haul but for the price and the ergonomics it is a very nice gun to shoot. If your friend is looking strictly for a HD gun the trigger issue isn't very important in the grand scheme of things. For the record the Sigma I fired shot 200 rounds in total today of WWB without any issues.
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