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Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post
My grandfather died of the Spanish flu. I have researched the epidemic and others.
1. you cannot isolate yourself.
2. with the exception of one island, it covered the whole world.
3. flu comes in 3 year waves. So, you need to get whatever shots become available. For those who don't believe in them, do some research.
4. Joseph Pilates was interned in GB. He taught his exercises to the staff and inmates. No one died. It was a matter of being in good physical shape I would guess. Ignore the bs about young men dying who were soldiers. If you have ever been a gi (ME!)and lived with 40 other guys in one bay in a barracks, you understand that you end up catching every damn illness that the recruits have brought to the army. Kids in Basic Training or the trenches are not in good health.
American Somoa.
I would pull the out at the first real sign...
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