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Originally Posted by MakeMineA10mm View Post
And people gripe about Glock's not changing ('til the Gen 4 came about), but look at how cool it is that a Gen 1 slide/barrel fits on a Gen 3 G-22 frame so well that it looks like it was made for it!

That's a nice set up .38Super...
Thanks, actually the whole setup goes like this:

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I am not Glock fan by any means, for me all weapons are just tools, this is my understanding, but I also think that everyone should have a Glock, just as everyone should have a AR and AK if you would...
I'm a SA/1911 type guy but I got the Glock to see what is all that hype about. I'm not going to bother you with the findings, bottom line, I would never carry a Glock without polishing some parts and bringing the trigger to some normal level, of course I could be wrong, bit hey - it doesn't work for me as a sum of features the way it is when is in stock configuration...
So I went online, got the G22 from Gunbroker, than Nate from Ed's Public safety was so nice to find the gen1 G17 slide for me and about several month ago I got the .357sig barrel from Glockmeister... I love the setup, I think Glock is most succesful in G17 platform ( and G19 but I do not like compact guns generaly...), G22 is a good service weapon, absolutely love the .357sig but I dont think this round is suitable for home defence or any other defence...imho... So this is how I got in to Glocks, they are good guns...companywise, I cannot support such statement, but again - maybee I'm wrong...

Glockmaister initially sent a wrong, ported barrel, than he sent the right-one, what I've done on the G22 is - polishing whatever needed, installed: tungsten guide rod with 15# spring, Ghost 3.5# connector, Glock night sights (Nate was so kind to do it before they ship the gun, good place to buy Glocks, highly recommended!), I got the Pearce gripp for control, I can go without it, but the important thing for me is to be able to do most of the things w the gun with one hand, so that's why I keep it... I replaced all the pins, the old-ones were too loosed, believe or not... Longer slide stop, aftermarket (wider) slide lock because I cannot feel the stock-one out on the field, dirty, sweaty, especialy with gloves on...same reason for the longer mag release...what else...the beavertail...that's about everything with the G22.
G17 slide fits perfectly, never had any problems with it, nor with the .357barrel setup. I have been ising the G22 mags for .357sig but I had very few, probably 3-4 out of 5-600 rounds, FTF's and found out that I have to get a G31 mags to get a reliable feeding...Not a big deal...Never had problems with the ejector of the G22 frame paired with the G17 slide, the ejectors are are diferent between frames but in my case I got steady ejection, all in one direction, flying out far from the gun.
I cannot thing about anything else...Oh, yeah - I had several non-fired primers, only with russian Tula ammo, green laquer steel shell, that's it.
I'm very happy with the "Glocks" that I got, would I biu a Gen4 - probably yes, if I got a steal-deal, otherwise - not, and I'm a guy that thinks that the new models are generaly better than older-ones, but there are too many things going on with the gen4 to look at one right now, otherwise I would be interested in gen4 compact gun, probably in .40S&W or .45acp...

Here is the fit of that .357sig barrel:

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