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In all honesty, Nick, I don't think I've ever seen a pistol as beautiful as your Fusion. At least for my taste it is just PERFECT. Love the grips, the finish, the design, the sights, the hammer, the trigger, the way the muzzle looks, the recoil buffer, the beaver tail, the size.... EVERYTHING.

Absolutely awesome man. Everytime I see it I feel happy for you. Maybe one day I'll get one? Though it'd feel weird because you already made the perfect one and I'd hate to get an exact copy of yours and take away the authenticity from both of them, but then again I could not possibly come up with something different I'd like on mine, lol. So I'll probably just stick to a Delta Elite, which is another pistol that I really like.

Nothing quite like that Fusion though. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.
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