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Originally Posted by nelamvr6 View Post
You must be kidding!
No, I am attempting to discuss the issue with you as an intelligent adult. Want to continue?

Check out every single blue law anywhere in this country... they all mandate restrictions on Sunday. You think the choice of that day is coincidental?
OK, take a deep breath. Now, I don't have time to "Check out every single blue law anywhere in this country", so how about you specifying one or two instances in which government is making laws based on religion. Present your position clearly and unemotionally and let's discuss it.

If religion wasn't in government, why would we even be debating gay marriage? The only objections to gay marriage are based on religious beliefs.
Marriage is regulated by the government in order to provide for the children of those marriages. Many people object to gay marriage because it doesn't promote childrearing. It is not solely for religious reasons.
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