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Originally Posted by racer88 View Post
Ah... you're Navy, carloglock19. Thanks for your service. Fair winds and following seas.

I served in the Navy 1988 - 1991. 1 year shore command at Naval Station San Diego. 2 years on USS Independence CV-62.

Funny, though... about the TLR-1 / G23 issue. Now that I fixed it, I'm probably going to move my TLR-1 over to my FNP-45T and make that my primary HD pistol.
This thing is SWEEEEEET!
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Thanks for serving as well. Yeah Im really liking the light, now I just have to make up my mind to keep it on the M&P My last tour was on a CVN now Im enjoying some shore duty then another IA tour and that should leave me with 2 years left prior to moving on to the civilian sector.

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