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Originally Posted by Hour13 View Post
Toilet paper. Scissors to cut hair/trim beard. Tweezers. Butt-loads of wet-wipes.

Outside of that, some form of entertainment. Books, porn, boardgames, deck of cards... whatever floats yer boat.

We always think of the "action" involved in a SHTF situation. Attackers, securing a food/water source, etc... But the fact is, once you reach a safe area and hole up, things are gonna get real dull, real quick.

Five things that will seriously ****** with your head;

1) Fear
2) Thirst
3) Hunger.
4) Fatigue.
5) Sheer boredom.

Oh, and a pillow. A pillow would be nice...

+1 on the pillow. I have a stuff sack in my BOB that is waterproof nylon on the outside and fleece lined on the inside. Pull it inside out and stuff it with extra clothing, crunched up paper, leaves, or whatever and you have a decent pillow.

I also agree with the wipes, soap, a toothbrush, and maybe a deck of cards or a book.
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