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Which suppressor? G5 or SPR/M4?

Hey, I've just recently built a AR and now I'm on the sideline of deciding which suppressor to buy. Originally I was planning on the AAC SPR/M4 but now my dealer has a Gem-Tech G5 demo (EXCELLENT Condition) for sale @ $625.

In your opinion which would be a better buy? G5 demo can for $625 over the SPR/M4 @ $1125? Its obviously that the G5 is cheaper, but is it worth the money over a AAC?

My rig is:
1.5-8x IOR 3moa dot w/ 5moa horse shoe ring
18" WOA 1:7
AAC MITER Flash Hider
Adam Arms Mid-Piston
Mega Arms Mono Upper/Lower

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