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Originally Posted by jellis11 View Post
I have a few pairs of socks stuffed on various bags. I hate wet feet.
This! ^^^

Lol, I'll probably be carrying more weight in socks, than in ammo. Kinda OCD bout socks. I change 'em twice a day, sort 'em by the wear from my feet left & right, and I buy ONLY "GoldToe" brand. The only socks I've ever had that don't creep down & bunch up in my shoes.

My "sock thing" provides my GF with endless entertainment. When she wants to screw with me, she only folds and puts away my 'left' socks, and hides the rest.

"I'll have a Coke..."

She can't say stupid stuff with her mouth full of sausage.
I have no problem charging somebody stark nekid, with a TP tail hanging from my butt... Maybe they'll go to their maker with a smile on their face.
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