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loading .40 S&W hard cast hot loads

I've loaded some 155 grain swc and 180 grain tcfp hard cast in .40 s&W for general plinking at 6.5 grains power pistol.

I'm new to the .40 reloading scene, but am familiar with loading 10mm.

The only load data I can get for power pistol for lead is :

2005 Alliant loading manual

Laser cast 155 grain lead bullet, 1.125 oal, 7.0 grain pp, win primer
laser cast 180 grain lead bullet, 1.125 oal, 6.9 grain pp, win primer

Are these regular cast lead bullets or are they alloy hard cast bullets?

The bullets I'm loading have2-6-92 hard casting alloy (BHN 17) and premium lube.

I would like to load some hot loads using these two bullets. Does anyone have any experience working up .40 with hard cast using Blue Dot or Power Pistol?

In the 10mm iv'e found that I can load Hard Cast ammo to maximum published load data for speer gold dot hollow points without any pressure signs am I okay to load the same with the .40? I start 10% from max and shoot strings of 10 all the way up examining brass after each string.

I will be shooting these loads out of a 4.75" kkm conversion 10-.40 barrel out of a glock 29.

Im not looking to push the limit, as i do shoot 10mm, but would like to know what the limit is for safety and confidence.

Any feedback to save some time would be appreciated
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