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Texan in AZ... carry question

Seems like a dead section, but here goes anyway

I'm in Yuma for a few months (work related), and I have a Texas CHL. We have reciprocity with AZ. I've looked, but have not found the answer to this question... I know that unlicensed carriers cannot carry in a place that serves alcohol (to be consumed in the establishment), but as a Texas CHL holder, am I allowed to? I'd like to be able to carry into the restaurants I frequent, but the majority serve alcohol.

Also, any other tips on carrying in AZ? I know that in TX, gun buster signs need very specific wording to apply to CHL holders, but IIRC in AZ, any "No Guns" sign is proper notice that you can't carry there.

Also, info on OC would be much appreciated. I've never OC'd but am considering it.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I'm planning to get my AZ CCW soon, so I'll be okay eventually, but I'd like to carry in the meantime.

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