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Well time flies...March 12th I posted the original post for this. I wanted to do a gelatin but did water jugs instead and tested two of the listed loads...Tested from the S&W 1006 5" barrel.

TAC-XP FB 140 grain pn# 40005 10mm/40S&W 0.400”

10.5 grain Blue Dot 1178 fps entered the 4th jug of water barely hanging on the entrance hole. Classic opened petals expanded to 0.7495". Primer slighly flattened.

12.6 grains of AA#9 (had to adjust powder shoving the bullet back out 1.270")(Totally compressed @ 12.6 gr.)
1181 fps, Primer was totally flattened to the edges. It penetrated 5" of sandy dirt and the bullet failed to open, partially folded in on itself.
Winchester cases
Winchester LP primers
COAL of 1.255"

I was not expecting the highest performance obtainable (but should be up there pretty good) but looking for the difference of what these same length, 140 grain bullets do as compared to the speeds from the 200 grain XTP's with similar full loadings. 10.5gr Blue Dot case 0.4275", 12.6gr AA#9 case 0.4280"
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