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Originally Posted by Praetorian27 View Post
Thanks for the info! I don't have any paperwork...I think he just threw it in his dufflebag as you stated, or it disappeared over the last 60 years. His daughter didn't even know he had it until after he passed away...and her son found it and was playing with it!

As for what I paid...

Yeah 99% were just tossed in a bag and brought home. If you had Army paperwork marking it as a war trophy, it might bring a premium was the only reason I asked.

$400 is a very reasonable price, you didn't rip her off and you got a good deal. Probably paid her just a bit over what a gun shop would have bought it for. So everyone can be happy

Nice gun, enjoy it!

Oh one other question I just thought of! Does it have the magazine safety installed? (cock the hammer and without a magazine in the gun can you pull the trigger?)
I seem to remember something about them not having mag safety's latter in the war but could be wrong.
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