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Very good thread idea, and doubly good timing imo with Christmas coming up.

One christmas idea - has several decent boots on closeout (check out the "closeout" and "5.11 closeout" sections both). Last week I ordered (for other people) one pair of 5.11's and one pair of rockports and paid $108 total for both including shipping iirc.

Originally Posted by Bolster View Post
...Leatherman 300 Multitool at a lower price than normal at Amazon, currently $49.
Very good deal on that Supertool 300; we've bought (I think) 5 of them this year thru one of our wholesalers and paid almost that. That's a good catch.

Fresnel lenses, from credit-card size up to full-page size, at very good prices. We use the credit-card size ones (in a slipcover) as promotional giveaways in our business with our company info on them, but they're awfully handy to carry in your wallet for both normal magnifying and fire-starting use as well. Their 190x300mm lens is a phenomenal firestarter on a day with most any amount of sun, but not real handy to carry and no protective case so they tend to eventually get scratched up over time.

Another good one is simply walmart's price on Federal XM193 5.56 - $5.97 a box or $298 per thousand.
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