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Hello fellow 10-RIngers....

Thought I'd initiate an OFFICIAL 10mm deer hunting story thread. Please ONLY post 10mm hunting results here, pictures preferred.

I'll kick it off with my hunts from last season and a year or two before that.

NOV 2008:
Hey all,

Just thought I'd tell everyone about my first deer kill with a handgun... and not just ANY handgun but my CZ/DW Razorback 10mm!

The 10 Ring

I got this little button buck while still hunting on the low, thick side of a mountain here in SW Missouri. The hill, mostly covered in cedar, pines and thick briars with patches of light green grass in between, is a haven for deer trying to escape the cold, northern wind during the rut. Took this guy at about 15 yards away from a half crouched, half sitting postion using Doubletap 200gr Controlled Expansion (XTP) loads (1150fps actual velocity from my 5" barrel).

The 10 Ring
The 10 Ring

First shot punched him through the right side of the chest, a dead center double lung shot. He bolted (as most deer do) and ran uphill right past me where I shot him again. This shot (at about 6 yards) entered right behind his right shoulder, cut through his heart and broke his left leg / shoulder joint on the way out. He kept turning toward me and actually crashed right in front of me about a yard or two away, DRT. (PS... I also took pics of the entrance / exit wounds on the deer after I skinned it but won't be posting them in this thread due to their graphic nature. PM me if interested) Ironically, it had been really cold here for the jlast few days (in the 20's at night and 40's during the days and oftentimes quite windy). I'd been getting up at 5 and out to my stand or location by 615-630 and hunting until dark. The day I got this guy was the day I slept in until 830 and took my time getting out there since I knew that the wind was supposed to change from a chilly northern wind to a warmer southern wind by noon or so. Highs were almost in the 60's this day. I had already hunted about three full days prior to this kill which put it right in the middle range of my week of hunting. Anyways, I guess I just needed to get in there and shake em up a bit near thick cover and their beds rather than sitting on stand. The big woods hunting takes a special technique to even FIND deer, let alone get em within range to kill. Worked well for me this time.

I'm also including some pics of the processing of the buck. I was familiar with

how to skin and process a deer but my step-mom had usually taken care of most of the deer processing for me. I decided that I might as well do this one all on my own for the experience and practice. I did the skinning, quartering, butchering on my own this go-round. Also, I decided to use both shoulders and both hams entirely for jerky since my wife doesn't really like venison. (I still kept my tenderloins, of course). I ended up with just a HAIR under 4lbs of finished, teryaki flavored deer jerky to take home. AHHHH.... just wait till the coworkers and friends have a taste. Its perfect!!

The 10 Ring
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