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WM still has the best price on 1lb propane bottles (coleman cylnders)

2pak for 5 and change. Still not as good as the good old days of a buck a cylinder, but thats probably gone forever.

I grabbed some, and a backup replacement for my single burner Coleman spin on propane stove, in case my original rusts out or something. Still 21 bucks.

Funny thing, my kitchen in the house i bought a year ago is fairly normal looking but very slightly dated and some day I'd like to do a re-hab with stainless appliances and granite counters. The stove is less than ten years old and a nice smooth top, but that means its electric.

A couple of power failures ago I got out the single burner and I liked cooking on gas so much that it is my regular cooker…its tall standing up so to use it at a comfortable level it occupies once of the bays in the double bay sink.

But I'm cookin with gas! It also means I use the bialetti stovetop espresso maker instead of the electric.
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