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Nice Nick! The only deer I shot with a pistol was with a S&W Mod. 29 44Mag with 8 3/8" barrel iron sights, the shot was at 180 yards thru the lungs & heart. I was much younger and 10mm wasn't avalible then. I did finish off a wounder doe with the only Winchester 200 gr Black Talon I shoot, hit her at the base of the skull at the neck , that bullet spiraled down the neck and stoped in the left front shoulder. Classic Black Talon expansion which sliced and diced the neck muscels with the spiraled pattern.

However the last 6 point I shot was taken with a Hornady 200grain XTP in a sabot from my 45 cal. Winchester APEX Muzzle loader, muzzel velocity was 2000 fps and found its mark at 130 yards to the rear of the right front shoulder, busted rib in and deflated both lungs, small cut along the heart, broke a rib on the farside coming to rest just under the hide on the left side. BTW, just before I started writing this I ate some Cajun seasoned and smoked sausage for lunch which came from that one!
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