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More Glocks!
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I've got a very early G23 that I'd trade even for that. But I'm not trying to snake the sale from patcrad. An early G17 like that in that condition might actually be worth pushing my own early G17 out since I'm always looking for the earliest one of every mode. An older one trumps the current one, ya know?

EDIT...after checking my photobucket account and getting a reminder of what serial number prefix I have, it turns out that mine is actually older than that one. But I do not have the older style box with the bullet supports. Mine does however have the magazine support which always annoyed me because there is clearly room in the box for a second spare magazine but the supports molded into the floor of the box made that impossible. And even back in 88 when I bought my first Glock, I knew better than to cut up any part of that polymer box and thereby potentially ruin its value.
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