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Originally Posted by quake View Post
I saw it was backordered, but figured it was worth a gamble at that price. Fwiw, I got a notification of two things from them today:

First, that they were supposed to be in stock & ship out on the 14th (this friday).

And second (I love this part...), it was a data-entry error on somebody's part there at Grainger - they were never supposed to be that price, and the error's been corrected now. They were supposed to be marked down to $463 from the Grainger's normal $724 price (Grainger is usually somewhat high like that), but the $463 got typo-ed to $163 instead when it was entered.

They're honoring existing orders (), but no more can be ordered at that $163 price. I checked their site, and they're listed back at $724.50 now. Makes me wish I'd ordered more than one...

Lone Kimono, did I say "THANK YOU"...?
Who did you speak to that said they would honor that price? They told me to take a jump off a bridge yesterday. If I want it it's $724...and I ordered it before I posted on here. Glad you got it though

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