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Originally Posted by Lone Kimono View Post
Who did you speak to that said they would honor that price? They told me to take a jump off a bridge yesterday. If I want it it's $724...and I ordered it before I posted on here. Glad you got it though
Fwiw, if you received an email confirmation of the order, I'd call them on it, based on a phone call today. While I was out today, one of our technicians took a call from grainger, calling to let me know that these were backordered "5-7 days", which pretty much jives with the lady on the phone telling me about october 14th.

Imo it's a big enough deal to at least try to hold them to it if you've got the order-confirmation email. Main concern I have at this point is that they haven't charged my debit card yet (I put it on my personal debit card instead of our company account); if they had, that would be one more degree closer to a done deal. Not the end of the world if they don't come in, but I seriously hope they do.... It's been a LONG time since I've had steiners, and they're the only optics I've used that beat leupold when I did have them; and their prices being what they are, I know I'll never bring myself to pay regular price for them. Not when Nikons are "almost" as good, and one-third the price.
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