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Glad to see you were able to make some chages for the better. One thing I thought of for when conducting route planning is to check your local law enforcement's website for crime data. Many have maps showing hot spots of certain types of crime and or gang activity. Identifying these locations on your route map as NO GO zones could help mitigate run-ins with the non-friendlies.

I see your point about changing around the scoring system to add additional factors and I like your idea about the goggles and mask. In designing the rating system I found that there was a limited amount of %age for equipment and pack contents and that each subject matter needs to be assigned a significance so it can be compared to the others with respect to usefulness. Early on the decision was made to give the heaviest weight to those articles which have the biggest impact on survival in ALL survival situations, ie shelter, water, food. With a limited amount of remaining %age to assign to other equipment I was unable to add certain nice niche items that would be very useful in some situations, like masks, cash, passports, etc. To assign a weight to every niche item would wash out the significance of more important items for OVERALL survival.

That being said, the scale was created to get people to compare and think and add and subtract until they have a BOB/GHB that is ideal for their given situation and I'm glad it helped you out. Remember that the score, as I've said before, isn't a grade of your competence, but rather an identifyer of your style.
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