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Originally Posted by sebecman View Post
While not illegal what you are doing certainly brushes up against some ethical boundaries. Frankly I am surprised, Quake. You seem from your postings to be an honorable man, active in Church and a role model to the youths in your area. You also own a business. How would you feel if this happened to you and your product was listed at less than your cost?

Is this your way of sticking it to corporate america because in your opinion Grainger can afford to lose some dough?

Just my 2 cents. Flame suit activated.
No flame suit necessary, and no ethical issues that I can see. They advertised a price and I placed an order for a single unit at that sale price; I'm not trying to take some kind of unfair advantage of their mistake. I asked them if they'd honor the sale at that price, and they said they would; I appreciate that, but it's not as though I can force them into it.

If someone (either us, or a newspaper, etc) makes a mistake on an ad, a person asks if I'll honor it and I choose to do so, does that make the purchaser unethical? I personally don't think so.

Read my posts - nowhere did I say they 'had to', 'must', or even 'should' honor that price, and it's not like I threatened to sue them or never do business with them again if they chose not to. I said that I "seriously hope" they do. To be fair, I did say that I wish I'd ordered more than one, but again, they have the option of whether or not to ship them out at that price. I'm sure they have a standard "not responsible for misprints" disclaimer as most vendors do, and they absolutely have the option of invoking that at any time; still do for that matter.

This isn't (imo, anyway) someone taking advantage of some little old lady on a used car that's actually a collector's item. They buy & sell these for a living, they know what they pay for them, and they agreed to a price, a price that they had (and still have) the option of taking or not taking.

Free market, free choice; they (or I), can cancel the transaction at will.
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