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Originally Posted by Dexters View Post
It just show how much it takes to buy his integrity.

Most ads have wording saying to effect that they are not responsible for misprints.
Wow. My response in my head goes back & forth between "See response to sebecman above", "Glad you know so much about me", and something that's borderline unprintable; so I'll stick with "See response to sebecman above."

I'm in people's homes regularly, I have in my office the security codes to more than 1,300 alarm systems, and we also have the front door keys to probably 150-200 extremely nice lake homes, where the owners are absent most of the time. We keep the keys here in our secured facility as a courtesy for our customers (without charge mind you), so their termite people & such can come by and check them in and out as needed.

My point is simply this - with all that opportunity to go "parasite" if I wanted to, it's my integrity that all those people count on most of all. And my integrity is obviously not for sale for the price of a pair of binoculars; if it could be had that cheap, there'd be a lot of cleaned-out lake homes around here. So again, "See response to sebecman above."

And I really must say "thank you" for immediately jumping to accusational pontifications. Well done young man; you really don't know anything about me.
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