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Originally Posted by Horror View Post
winter's closing in fast.

only 3C/37F right now
Not here. I hope it holds off for a little while, as I have firearms qualification this week.

Up for a little bit. Sugar was low when I woke up, so I got up and ate left over pizza. Now, it is probably the opposite, LOL.

Speaking of firearms, it seems like a lot of people from the area, including here in Leavenworth, were standing in line to try to get off some practice time at the state range. I learned that in order to get on the firing line I may have to show up when it opens; whenever it is a week end day. I may try for Monday. It is supposed to rain some, and maybe there won't be near as many. That would be good training, eh?

So, I went back to the house, and cleaned my rifle. It still had some leftover cosmoline in the barrel. Now the inside of the barrel is cleaned and coated in Breakfree. I just need to shoot it and see how I am with this particular weapon.
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