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Talo is a third party distributor that has special edition runs of varoius guns built and then sells them to gunshops...

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The Talo EXO Special Edition Glocks are basically Gen 3 9/40s sent to Fail Zero for their proprietary, self lubricating, nickel boron coating, over the tennifer. Slides and barrels are coated. Some models have Ameriglo I-Dot Pro sights installed as well.

Fail Zero will coat your Glock slide and barrel for $200.
Barrel only for $125.
The Ameriglo sights are a Pro orange front (like HD)
and an I-Dot rear.

Glock Collector's Club

So you can convert your current Glock into a Talo like EXO if you want.
It's just cheaper to get a Talo Special Edition, if you can find one...

Glock Collector's Club

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