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Originally Posted by aptrpl6 View Post
I finally got a doe with my 20sf earlier this evening! After being in the stand for over three hours without seeing a single deer, I heard what I thought was a squirrel walking in a ditch directly behind me. I had sprayed some Shinola juice on the foliage around my treestand earlier. I heard the scurrying noise until the light had all but disappeared. When the "squirrel" surfaced from the ditch and into the cornfield, it was in fact a nice whitetail doe! She clearly had no idea of my presence as I made the decision to forgo the rifle and grabbed the Glock. I took aim at her left shoulder and fired. She dropped instantly! I hit high and took out her spine. I paced the shot at approximately 33yds.

The pistol was a Glock 20sf with the 6" hunting barrel. The ammunition was good ole factory Winchester Silvertips! The bullet came to rest just under the surface of the skin on the opposite shoulder. I removed it with a knife and took pics. It expanded almost perfectly. I'll try to post some pics, but most of them are crappy.
Good job
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