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Trouble at the local high school

There was a young girl shot in the neck today at the local high school as she was walking from the cafeteria to the main building. Several students her a "pop" or a "crack like a firecracker" then the girl fell to the ground. She is in stable but serious condition, so I am asking all of GT to pray for her.

Now, the part that has pissed me off is the local SD's public information officer has stated that "there are no implications that this is gang related activity. It could be a stray bullet from a hunter." Okay, IMHO, she's a *******ing MORON!!!!

1. Hunting at lunchtime? It may be rut season, but the location where she was shot has very little exposure to a wooded area that would be conducive to a lot of deer. However, about 100 yards away, across the highway, is an area that has been cleared for a DOT yard or something. On the opposite side of that clearing is a four-lane divided highway. It would have been very easy for someone to park on the four-lane, hike across the clearing, take the shot, and then run to a vehicle and be gone before EMS even showed up.

2. There were MANY parents and students who said there have been threats of gang violence, MANY postings reflecting this on FB, and MANY reports from students about things they "heard". Not to mention some altercations at the local football games this past weekend...

3. The students were evacuated to the football field ?!?!?! REALLY??? A wide open area SURROUNDED by woods......

4. School will be open tomorrow.....again...REALLY?!?!?!!?
The SD's PIO said "parents can send their children tomorrow, because they will be safe. We will make sure that everyone will be safe."

Talk about clueless......

I'm so *******in' mad, I could just s**t!!!
I am SO glad we home school.

Anyway, I would love to hear some comments on this. Here is the link for the details....

Again, please pray for the young lady and her family. She has been upgraded to fair condition....
God Bless, and Keep Shooting!!

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