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Originally Posted by 1911gobang View Post
The young lady is talking and alert and in good condition.

Two suspects have been taken into custody and will likely be charged with something by midnight tonight. An 18 year old and a 15 year old, both with known connections to suspected gangs. The 18 YO was already on the SD's radar, but not for gang related crimes.

This is a different time, and a different era folks. The school where this happened is in the country. Over 90% of this school's district is rural country area. I graduated from the same school many years ago, and back then, we had rifles on the window racks in our trucks or behind the seat because we would hunt in the morning before school. Most of us kept a pocket knife on us during the day, and there were NO incidents involving firearms at or near the school. Period....

Their parents should be charged with the same thing the scumbags are charged with. It IS partially their fault. Just my $.02 worth....
18 is an adult so the parents wont be charged. At 18 and 15 the "kids" knew what they where doing, its not all on the parents . Kids can be raised right and just turn out wrong.
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