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Originally Posted by samurairabbi View Post
Uh oh! Now Twee-Twee has that thought in her head! We in deep doo-doo!

Another memory just popped into my consciousness. I once saw a woman wearing this t-shirt caption: The best kind of man is a gingerbread cookie man - he's quiet, he's sweet, and if he gives me any crap I can bite his head off!
There were a few young ladies chatting the other day and they were discussing the nickname they called their man...
1st one said she called her man DR. Pepper...he's ready at 10 - 2 and 4!
2nd one said she called her man 7UP...crisp and clean!
The 3rd one said she called her man Southern Comfort...

The other two said why you call your man Southern Comfort? That's a Liquor isn't it?
The 3rd one said yea you right honey!!!
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