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Originally Posted by JR View Post
The strikes off center are a failure to go into battery. Your case is swelled or the OAL is prohibiting full battery.
A light primer strike can be caused by a dirty FP channel, high primer, hard primer, failure to go into battery or many, many others.
The case should not be swelled because of the Lee Factory Crimp die. The OAL seems like the guilty party.

Light primer strike: I broke down the slide, the firing pin channel looks clean, nothing suspicious, dirty, metal shavings etc. The primers are seated on a lee turret press, every primer is consistently seated the same way so they wouldn't be high. I am using CCI primers, they are known to be harder.

Here's another picture in case it helps of the last 8 rounds from the problematic batch of reloads. Next up I'll shorten the OAL and see if that makes a difference. Of the 8 remaining/now fired, some measured as long as 1.279". [Nevermind, no new photo because there is a space limit. If I remove old photos that's not going to help others.]
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