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for rico

You sign into ebay. Then pick an item like "used leathermen auctions".

After a while, the names of TSA confiscated item vendors start to show up. With ebay, you cannot look up a specific merchant directly.

This is the way I found tsa confiscated items. I have picked up many dozens of confiscated knives and tools in this fashion. In the last year, the pricing of the seized leatherman tools has jumped about 30%. The two merchants that I indicated are honest and are selling items confiscated at the airport (most people who carry the brand name knives and tools don't carry broken ones).

I received a Mel Pardue benchmade and an Ontario folder yesterday, cleaned them up, and put them back in the sealable plastic baggies.

Here are a few problems. 1. most retail stores do not carry used tools that are still functionl and slightly scratched. 2. most retail stores carry cheap quality knives at full retail prices. If you want a decent used knife to put in the car (where it might get ruined), to put in a fishing equipment box, in the pocket of a knock-about windbreaker, or to park with a relative, where do you get it?

You know the little, Swiss Victoronix knives that sell for $8 on sale at the retail store? You can buy 10 for about $20 plus shipping as tsa confiscated items. I bought a bunch and gave them to relatives. I buy the more functional items for myself and shtf.
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