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Originally Posted by Kwesi View Post
Jay: the FTF issues I was having in the witness limited 10mm are due to it not liking the shorter OAL's 1.244 - 1.247. Had a couple FTF's with GA Canned Heat around 1.246. So I loaded my reloads 1.248-1.252 & no more issues. Then I tested my loads 1.244-1.247 & the FTF's started again. Then I went back to my longer OAL & flawless. Finally back to my shorter OAL & FTF's again.

BTW: I tested American Eagle 1.248-1.252 & Remington 1.252-1.254 & both factory rounds were flawless.

I'm loading now to +/- 1.252.
Thanks for the info. I'm still experimenting with different OAL's, and will try your suggestion.
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