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I always planned to get my CCW permit, but the following incident made me get off my rear and finally do it.

I got mugged in March 2009.

Met a guy at the casino who helped me win around $80, he asked me for a ride and I just figured why not because he helped me win. I was too nice for my own good and even though my gut gave a me a bad feeling right off the bat, I took the guy where he needed to go.

During the incident I also had my best friend of 13 years with me (a female).

When I dropped the guy off where he needed to go, he got out of the car and came up to my driver side window and asked if I had change for a $20. I rolled down my window, opened my wallet and he tried to grab it. I had the wallet gripped with one hand while he tried to use both, in the process blows were exchanged and he of course had the advantage with me being sitting down inside my car and him standing outside. I kept throwing punches at him until he threatened to shoot then I just let go of my wallet. I never saw a gun, but wasn't going to take a chance.

Honestly I think the guy got the worst of the exchange. I ended up with a broken pair of glasses, and a good black eye. I think I busted him open from either his nose or lip though, because I had a good amount of blood running down the inside of my door and I wasn't the one bleeding.

Though I don't consider it "funny" in the least that the incident happened. I found out after I let my wallet go and called the cops I found everything that was in my wallet outside my car door. My drivers license, bank card were outside my door and any cash I had was in my pants pocket. So the guy got away with about a 3 month old wallet of mine and some business cards.

About a month before this incident I had just bought my first gun too. A Taurus 24/7 OSS/DS 9mm. Found out by reading Missouri law about a week after the incident that I could have carried the gun fully loaded in my glove compartment without a CCW permit. I still doubt I would have used the gun that night, but in my eyes it was a good thing to know.

Finally got around to taking the CCW course in the end of September following my incident and got my permit November 9th 2009. I've never left home without a firearm since and I never will.

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