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me and a friend were walking to the store one day in philly, i went into the store and he went to the side of the store to take a leak.

i came out of the store with our drinks and he comes flying pass me damn near knocked me down and while confused when i turned to look onto the side of the store their was a guy with a gun who started firing at my friend, my friend ended up taking one in the back of the head and the guy would have shot me if the gun hand not of jammed on him...

that was the first time i'd ever seen anyone die so horribly right in front of me, i literally couldn't move, i watched as he shaked and his eye rolled in his head, i watched him choke on his blood as he coughed it up and the blood pour from his head, i watched as his father grabbed his dying soon screaming and yelling for help and their was nothing anyone could do...

i later found out the guy was trying to rob him but he didn't have any money, i was the one with the money and it was my decision to go to the store, my treat...

the crazy part is i've always been around guns growing up, having and uncle in the marines who was a nam vet, guns weren't anything new to me but he tough us how to use and respect them and i never once thought about owning and carrying a gun until that day when i realized i could have saved my friends life...

the guy ended getting arrested and is now doing life and i carry EVERYWHERE!

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