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Kotaro Oshio (押尾 コータロー, Oshio Kōtarō?, real name: 押尾 光太郎) is an acoustic guitarist from Japan. Born in Osaka Prefecture, on February 1, 1968, he is best known for his work on the steel string guitar. Oshio is a part of Sony Music Japan's SME Records division.

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Unique and distinct are two words for KOTARE Wines, Single Vineyard wines produced in Marlborough, the main wine region of New Zealand.

KOTARE wines are made by Riversleigh Estate Ltd, started in 1998 by Bruce Stapleton who was farming in the UK at the time. The Kotare label honours the Maori name for the Sacred Kingfisher, a New Zealand native bird attracted to the Gibsons creek which runs throughout the original vineyard in the Wairau Valley.

The Lighter Side
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